Taking Legal Action?

You are well within your rights to take legal action against Airmiles, action could be taken due to unfair terms and conditions changes, the sale of Airmiles for cash - they know Airmiles was being stopped and for many other reasons.  why not take a look at out brief guide.
Taking Legal Action

Airmiles Screen Captures

Airmiles are consistantly deleting posts that dont agree with the changes, Take a look to see what Airmiles have been deleting.

Gagged by Airmiles

Airmiles Petition

We have set up a petition against the changes, we feel that they are unfair and for customers that paid for miles with the Airmiles promotion we feel that they have been mis-sold.
The Petition

Regional supplement Scrapped

What Airmiles did not make clear is that if you dont fly with BA/Iberia from one of the Main 6 Airports then the change means you must pay full taxes and Surcharges, you wont be able to get the Reward Saver fare.Regional supplement Scrapped

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We would ask that you email Antonio Horta-Osorio who is the CEO of LloydsTSB This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We have drafted for you a template that should mean you can send your complaint without having to spend too much time, you may however thing that our letter needs improving or tweeking, so just send what is right for you.

We would ask that you cc us in on your email, this is to help us get an idea of how many complaints have been lodged with Ian, so please add This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

If you get a response also please let us know so we can see if they have just sent a generic response back, we expect them to treat you with some respect and not do that.


The letter:-

Dear Mr Horta-Osorio

I have been a loyal Lloyds TSB customer for many years, one of the main reasons of this is the Airmiles reward scheme that was on offer through your credit card.

I have used my card for many purchases despite the fact that I can find cheaper cards out there, I decided to take out the Airmiles card so I could maximise my airmiles balance.

I was horrified and disgusted when I received an email from Airmiles setting out in an undercover and underhanded way their ‘exciting news’ intending to change to AVIOS.  Having looked into the AVIOS scheme my airmiles are now going to be devalued by up to 90% in some cases, meaning that I have been using your card to collect Airmiles that are now worth nothing.

Are you FULLY aware of the new terms and conditions of AVIOS and what they will mean to people like me?  Are you aware of the fact that AVIOS are still negotiating the terms of the contracts and has no idea of that they are doing apart from taking our money and devaluing our Airmiles?

How can a company promote itself and it's new brand AVIOS when they have nothing it is promoting.

I have been loyally saving airmiles with your Airmiles card for many years for a flight free of taxes and surcharges. Now Airmiles are forcing me to make an uninformed decision in a short space amount of time on what best to do with my miles, and even then if I choose to redeem my miles I can only book up to a year in advance.

Airmiles are denying me my freedom of choice. I feel extremely cheated, should I have known of these changes I would NEVER have kept using a credit card that didn’t provide me with the best deal, I would have used another bank that offered cashback or just a deal that was genuine and not a con.

The current partnership you have with Airmiles & AVIOS is causing irreparable damage to your Company’s good name and I can confirm that if you do not take action then I will have to review my relationship with your bank.

I would like to lodge a formal complaint with Lloyds TSB for continuing to advertise your card with the lure of Airmiles when you MUST have known these changes were in the pipeline.

I would ask that you email me back directly as you are the CEO and the buck stops with you, I want to hear it from you as to why you have allowed this to happen and what you are going to do about it.


Yours Sincerely